EE Turunen

Open Source Gems

It’s always delighting to come across useful open source projects. There are many important reasons for why open source is great, but just being able to look under the hood of the software I use and sometimes even make small changes to my liking is something I really appreciate. It is also easier to trust the software when I can compile it from source myself.

Here are some of the open source projects I have come across in the past few years and really like:

Terminal app for iOS with support for both SSH and Mosh.


Images often contain unnecessary data which not only takes space but might contain private information such as locations and timestamps. ImageOptim is a great tool for removing all unnecessary data while making files considerably smaller.


KnockKnock is a must-have tool for macOS users. It exposes persistently installed malware.

Mark Text

While I mostly detest Electron based apps, I have yet to find a markdown editor that fulfills my needs as well as Mark Text. It provides a distraction-free writing environment with all the necessary formatting tools you need with markdown.


OCRmyPDF allows you to turn scanned, screenshotted or photographed documents into searchable PDFs. It has proven to be very useful to me.


The best tiling window manager for macOS.

Sequel Ace

Since Sequel Pro is no longer actively maintained, multiple forks have surfaced. Sequel Ace is a great fork with active development and even an AppStore version.